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Your Cat Is Pregnant—When Can You Have Her Spayed?

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If you didn’t intend to breed your cat, finding out she’s pregnant can be a shock you don’t want to repeat again. The best way to prevent pregnancies is to have your kitty spayed and explore pet desexing options. But if she’s already pregnant, how long do you have to wait until you can have her spayed? It’s possible to spay during pregnancy, during nursing, and after nursing—here’s all you need to know about each option. Read More»

Do Pet Ferrets Need Any Vaccinations?

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If you’ve ever kept a dog or a cat in the past, then you know that these larger pets often need a lot of vaccinations and top-up shots. However, if you’re thinking of getting a smaller animal, like a ferret, then you may not be sure if they need as many, if any, vaccinations. While small pets that live in the home may have fewer vaccination needs than larger animals, they often still need core protection from some diseases or illnesses. Read More»