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Understanding Pulmonary Oedema in Dogs

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Pulmonary oedema (the buildup of fluid in the lungs) is a serious condition that can cause permanent lung damage if it’s not treated promptly. It occurs when pressure builds up in the lungs and prevents the normal flow of fluid from your dog’s lungs into their body. Any dog can develop pulmonary oedema and it’s not always possible to identify a cause for the condition developing, but those with pneumonia or a heart condition are at an increased risk. Read More»

Why Are There Spots of Blood on Your Dog's Chew Toys?

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If you see spots of blood on one of your dog’s chew toys, then you may not be sure what’s going on. Any signs of bleeding are alarming to pet owners; however, this doesn’t always mean that your dog has a serious problem. Why might your dog’s mouth or teeth be bleeding after chewing on a toy? Your Dog Is Teething If you have a young dog that hasn’t yet lost all its baby teeth, then the blood you see may simply be a sign of teething. Read More»