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5 Tips To Care For Your Dog After Castration

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Castration is good for your dog’s health and provides many benefits in general. Castrated pooches are often less aggressive and less likely to develop prostate diseases or behavioural problems. The procedure is routine with minimal risks. The following can ensure your dog recovers well.  1. Prepare a Resting Area The anaesthesia will leave your dog groggy for several hours and possibly until the next day. It’s important to provide them with a safe and comfortable place to rest and recover. Read More»

Dog Care: Intestinal Cancer Explained

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Like humans, dogs can develop different types of cancer. Intestinal cancer tends to be more prevalent in older dogs, but it can develop in any dog. This type of cancer causes tumours to form along the lining of a dog’s intestines. The cause of intestinal cancer in dogs is still being explored, but there may be genetic and environmental risk factors that make some dogs more likely to develop this type of cancer. Read More»